Official Performance Expectations?

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Official Performance Expectations?

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I ended up looking into DC because of performance differences between various encryption options. I know there is another post here asking about performance. But, I feel my question is a bit different (I have read enough to understand the "why" there are differences and am looking to learn "what" the differences end up being specifically):

Can we get "from the horses mouth" official expectations for performance of DC compared to other options?

I have seen quite a few performance comparisons on other sites between: old version of DC, VeraCrypt, Bitlocker and no encryption.

Many of them show the old DC performing very close to Bitlocker which is only marginally below no encryption. All are well ahead of VeraCrypt. But, the other performance related thread here shows DC performing only marginally better than VeraCrypt. That raises a number of questions:
  • Which tests are correct?
    Is DC only a little faster than VeraCrypt?
    Is it really close to the same speed as Bitlocker or way off?
    Did this fork of DC introduce something that slowed it down compared to the old DC?
I understand that performance will depend on various factors such as type of hardware involved. However, I think that some basic testing and an official outline of what to expect could help people like myself make decisions about which products to use/when.

Thank you!

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Re: Official Performance Expectations?

Post by DavidXanatos »


There are no changes that should slowdown anything.

I would say the best approach would be to do your own tests.

It also depends a lot if you using AES on a system that supports AES-IN CPU instructions.

My home NAS can reach 2 GB/s throughput in CrystalDiskMark on DC encrypted volumes.

David X.

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