Diskcryptor hash cracking?

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Diskcryptor hash cracking?

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hello, there is a video on youtube about Diskcryptor "Diskcryptor cracking hashes tutorial" https://youtu.be/Vey-ll3LM3o

since I use Diskcryptor, is Diskcryptor safe? How can I protect against hash cracking?

Many Thanks

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Re: Diskcryptor hash cracking?

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Muckel wrote:
Fri Oct 16, 2020 4:48 pm
is Diskcryptor safe? How can I protect against hash cracking?
The short answer:

Yes, it is safe and you can protect yourself by using a long, uncrackable password.

Longer answer:

Take a look at the author's answer to this question provided in the FAQ, under the heading "How safe is it to use DiskCryptor? Can I be sure, that no one will break into my data?": https://www.diskcryptor.org/faq/

Also, take a look at the website mentioned in the youtube video for estimating password cracking times: https://www.betterbuys.com/estimating-p ... ing-times/.

The example password used in the youtube video was 'password', which according to the website above can be cracked in 0.19 milliseconds since it is a common word and available in any dictionary file. But add just one special character on the end of that (password! for example) and the time to crack jumps all the way up to 10 years. Add another character onto the end of that and now your password (password!f) will take 500 years to crack. Each character you add to the password will increase the time to crack exponentially. A password of 15 or more characters is pretty much uncrackable, as you would be long dead before someone was ever successful using current techniques.

So just stop using '123' as your password and try something like 'b54x#2g_N(sMnKmtS' and you can sleep easy knowing your data is safe. :mrgreen:

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Re: Diskcryptor hash cracking?

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