Lost encrypted partition...

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Lost encrypted partition...

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I need help.
I had 3 partitions on my hard drive, one of which was DC encrypted.
I inadvertently deleted the partitions and created new - two.
How can I recover a lost encrypted partition?
I don't have a header file. I know the access password, of course.
Help please.

Thx, Peter

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Re: Lost encrypted partition...

Post by PsychoBarbie »

I don’t know how techies do it, but u can use 3rd party software to recover the data. Depending how many ‘wipes’ it got when u deleted it, u could get all or partial data recovery.
Just google data recovery and see what looks good...most have features that show u what all can be recovered and what’s not readable. Imo unless u manually set ur device to do a ridiculous amount of swipes when it deletes, u should b able to get ur data back.
Good luck! Hope u post when u get ur stuff back!

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