Aria Algorithm and Anubis Algorithm

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Aria Algorithm and Anubis Algorithm

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please add more Algorithm for MBR

Aria Algorithm (designed in 2003 by a large group of South Korean researchers. In 2004, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards selected it as a standard cryptographic technique.)


Anubis Algorithm (The authors claim the algorithm to be secure against a number of attacks, including four-round differential and linear analysis, as well as related-key, interpolation, boomerang, truncated differential, impossible differential, and saturation attacks. Anubis is named after the Egyptian god of entombing and embalming, which the designers interpreted to include encryption. They claim that violators of the cipher will be cursed) ... tml#ANUBIS

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Re: Aria Algorithm and Anubis Algorithm

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I will look into new Algorithms, etc... when there is a final release of the 1.2 version

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